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Say goodbye to soap dishes and hello to our beautiful Soaps on a Rope.

Just hang them on the shower or a tap and you're ready to go. 

Our soaps are made in small batches using a cold pressed method and hand cut.

These bars will give you all the moisture you need. 

All soaps are vegan friendly, SLS and parabens free. 

We've made sure that their packaging is recyclable and 100% biodegradable.


Four amazing scents to choose from

Clementine:  Freshly squeezed juicy oranges and clementines. Perfect in the morning, refreshing citrus scent!


Fellberry: Inspired by wild berries growing in the hills of the Lake District. Fell Berry Soap on a Rope has a strong and fruity fragrance with a distinct blackberry scent and hints of other summer fruits.


Japanese Bloom: Fresh and floral fragrance. Among the main notes you will sense bright flowers such as rose and lotus. Beautiful, delicate and feminine aroma.


Windemere: Windermere's signature fragrance is a tribute to the wonderful Lake District. It combines notes of lemon, jasmine and vanilla, reminiscent of a fresh aquatic aroma.



Soap on a Rope

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